The Center exists to equip thought leaders to engage the issues of bioethics using the tools of rigorous research, conceptual analysis, charitable critique, leading-edge publication, and effective teaching. The Center has tax-exempt, not-for-profit status and is supported by gifts and grants from individuals, corporations, and foundations. It is a national and international leader in producing a wide range of live, recorded, and written resources examining bioethical issues. Recognizing that biblical values have exercised a profound influence on Western Culture, the Center explores the potential contribution of such values as part of its work.

CBHD sponsors bioethics conferences, publishes the quarterly journal Ethics & Medicine, and posts related resources, including a speakers’ bureau, on its website. Many contributors have a Christian orientation, sometimes applying Scriptural principles explicitly. Even when Scripture is not employed, the conclusions often square well with natural law. Participants bring to the topic a variety of professional credentials in medicine, law, theology, and philosophy.

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