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Hausvater: /HAUS-fah-ter/
noun (German)
1. Housefather.
2. Spiritually responsible head of household, including the housefather as assisted by the housemother.
>> Example: "As the Hausvater should teach it [Christian doctrine] to the entire family ..."
(Martin Luther, Small Catechism, 1529)

Hymnody & Liturgy

To My Pastor I Confess (Absolution Hymn)

Lyrics by Ryan C. MacPherson

Suggested Setting: SPANISH CHANT

To my pastor I confess
All those sins which ache my breast.
I acknowledge before him
That I am entrapped in sin.
From his lips I hear Thy Word
As from Thine own lips ’t were heard:
Thou proclaimest I’m forgiv’n.
Freed by Thee to enter heav’n.

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(The bulletin insert includes suggestions for use together with the five verses of B. Pedersen's "Fear and Love Thy God and Lord" for a complete hymn study of all six chief parts of the Christian faith.)


Dr. Ryan C. MacPherson is the founding president of The Hausvater Project. He lives with his wife Marie and their homeschool children in Mankato, Minnesota, where he teaches American history, history of science, and bioethics at Bethany Lutheran College. For more information, visit

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