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Hausvater: /HAUS-fah-ter/
noun (German)
1. Housefather.
2. Spiritually responsible head of household, including the housefather as assisted by the housemother.
>> Example: "As the Hausvater should teach it [Christian doctrine] to the entire family ..."
(Martin Luther, Small Catechism, 1529)

This coloring book is designed to help young worshipers learn and appreciate the Christian Divine Service. It combines the familiar words of the liturgy with pictures that help teach and visualize what is happening in the service. This book is designed to be a resource for parents to walk their children through the service part by part.


The Hausvater Project regularly distributes this book at its events. To order this book online, or to order a CD master copy with permission to duplicate, contact the publisher: According to Your Word.

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