Hymnody & Liturgy

The Lord’s Prayer (Chant)

Heather Schulz

Our Father, who art in heaven

Hallowed be Thy name …

Three Available Formats

Composition Notes

I composed this piece in the years following my brain injury in 2005. As I was healing, this version of “The Lord’s Prayer” just came out one day on the piano in about an hour. The Lord’s Prayer had become very dear to me, as I wasn’t sure many times even what to say to God during those difficult times. It is His perfect prayer for all times. This was how I prayed the Lord’s Prayer in my heart and being.

Sometime after composing it, I was reading Luther’s explanation of the Lord’s Prayer from the Small Catechism and thought it went along with what he wrote. Below is an explanation of how the words and music tie together giving, what I believe, a rich and meaningful way of praying “The Lord’s Prayer.” I wanted the older text, as I feel the words are richer. However, the words “you” and “your” could be substituted where “Thy” or “Thine” are used.


Mrs. Heather Schulz, the wife of Shoreland Lutheran High School instructor Dan Schulz and mother of their seven children, lives in southern Wisconsin.

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