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Hausvater: /HAUS-fah-ter/
noun (German)
1. Housefather.
2. Spiritually responsible head of household, including the housefather as assisted by the housemother.
>> Example: "As the Hausvater should teach it [Christian doctrine] to the entire family ..."
(Martin Luther, Small Catechism, 1529)

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ANOTHER Interruption?!

A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.…There are many plans in a man’s heart, Nevertheless the Lord’s counsel—that will stand.…A man’s steps are of the Lord; How then can a man understand his own way?

(Proverbs 16:9, 19:21, 20:24)

I can hardly believe I’m writing this devotion. I’m a bad person to write it because I hate being interrupted. But even practically speaking, I can’t believe I’m writing at all! I’ve sat down at least a dozen times over the past week to write this very devotion, but have been prevented from it, again and again, due to the needs (and intense wants) of little people in my home.

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The Love of a Husband, the Love of a Wife

As Christians, what better can we do than to look to Christ our Savior? As we “look on Him whom we have pierced,” we see our redemption flowing from that precious side from which the spear has been removed—a washing of water, a cleansing in His blood. From the side of the second Adam, His bride is created. The water of baptism cleanses her from the filth of her sin, and the blood she receives from the chalice at His table continually provides His assurance that she is His. In this way, we, as His bride, receive His perfection, His cleansing, His grace. His kingdom is opened to us. All that we need is provided. This is the love of a husband. This is the love of a wife.

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Who Is This Who Stands a Sojourner

Who is this who stands a sojourner
Hated by the world she sees
Longing here for her Beloved?
It is He she longs to please.
He is Christ the world’s Savior—
And His love will never cease
Evermore and evermore.

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Constructing a Family Altar Board



The photo above is our “Family Altar Board” hung directly above our piano.

What is it?

Simply, it is a 2' by 3' white board which we have drawn on with both permanent and dry-erase markers. All of the boxes and labels are permanent, as is the cyclical church calendar. Then, each week, we update the pertinent information with a dry-erase marker. In the center, there is an erasable message or a simple picture drawn representing something in the church year or from our devotion.

There are 4 basic areas:

  1. Divine Service Summary (top left)
  2. Church Calendar (top right)
  3. Christian Virtue (bottom left)
  4. Home Devotions (bottom right)

How do we use it?

It's a very simple idea which has grown into a powerful family tradition.

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