Fathers and Mothers Belong First of All in the Home

May the Spirit of Christ prompt all Christian parents to acknowledge the significance of their parental call. May He prompt the fathers to dedicate as much as possible of their time to the home and the domestic sanctuary, to improve the time so dedicated to help lay the cornerstone of salvation with their children, to work patiently and ponder prayerfully for the spiritual upbuilding on the one foundation. May He prompt the mothers to regard as the sweetest of motherhood to pour out the sincere milk of the Gospel to their children, to banish the miserable and vain imagination that any other "can take the place of mother" in bringing them to Christ.

C. J. Quill, "The Relation of the Home to the Christian School," Synod Report [Evangelical Lutheran Synod] (1927): 46–52, at 52.

TAGS: Fatherhood, Motherhood, Parenting

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